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Australia Study Visa from Dubai - Aqua Immigration

Learning in Australia provides a fantastic possibility for students coming to Dubai to obtain an elite education and enjoy a wide range of different cultures. This guide will cover everything you should be aware of about Australian study visas. Here is how you can apply for the Australia study visa process including requirements, fees and how you can apply for an visa from Dubai.

Australia Study Visa Process

This Study Visa process for Australia requires a number of actions in order to warrant the applicant meets the required conditions:

  1. Choose a Course or Institution
  2. Apply and receive confirmation of enrollment (COE)
  3. Make an Immi Account
  4. Fill out The Application Form
  5. The Visa Fee
  6. Send Documents 
  7. Participate in Biometrics and Health Check 
  8. You must wait for the decision.

Australia Study Visa Requirements

To be eligible to get a study visa in Dubai for Australia. You must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Confirmation Of Enrollment (COE) from University
  • valid passport.
  • financial capacity
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
  • English Proficient 
  • Genuine Temporary Entry (GTE) Statement

Australia Study Visa Fees

It is important to note that Australia student visa costs depend upon the kind of visa you are applying for and the specific circumstances of your situation. The typical cost for the Student Visa (Subclass 500) is AUD 622. Additional charges could include health exams or police certificates as well as biometrics.

Study Visa to Australia from UAE

For students who are from the UAE and the UAE, including Dubai, the procedure to get a study visa for Australia follows the same steps. Be sure to have all required documents and that you meet the requirements for health and finances. It is also recommended to apply in advance of the time you want to start to allow suitable processing time.

Online Visa Process

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