UK Work Permit Visa From Dubai

The UK Work Permit Visa enables skilled professionals to pursue employment.

Ultimate Guide to Obtaining a UK Work Permit Visa from Dubai

Acquiring a UK work permit visa is one of the most essential steps towards working in the UK from Dubai for any professional. The guide below will give you all the necessary information regarding the Work Permit Visa process for UK, its requirements, and its associated costs.

Types of UK Work Permit Visas

There are many different types of work permit visas for other employment purposes in UK, including:

  • Skilled Worker Visa applies to people coming to the UK to do professional work.
  • Intra-company Transfer Visa is aimed at multinationals transferring employees to any UK branch.
  • Global Talent Visa is aimed at leaders and potential future leaders in particular fields.

Requirements for UK Work Permit Visa

The following are the requirements to apply for a UK work permit visa:


Job Offer: Hold an offer of employment from a UK employer with a valid sponsorship license.
Certificate of Sponsorship: Your UK Employer will give you a COS.
Evidence of English Language: Show that you can communicate in English through well-known tests like IELTS.
Evidence of Maintenance: Demonstrate you have enough funds to be maintained here without support from the public fund

The UK Work Permit Visa Process from Dubai

The steps for obtaining a UK work permit visa from Dubai are as follows:

Confirm a Job Offer: Get a confirmed offer from an employer based in the UK.
Gather all Documents: Gather all the required documents, including your COS, proof of financial statement, and the English language test result.
Fill in the online application form: Apply through the official UK government website.
Pay the Visa Fee: Pay the required UK work permit visa cost and the health care surcharge.
Book a Biometric Appointment: Book and attend a biometric appointment at a Dubai-based visa application center.
Wait for a Decision: After your appointment, wait for the decision on your visa application.

UK Dependent Visa Work Permit

If you are moving to the UK with family, your dependents can apply for a UK dependent visa work permit. This kind of visa will allow your spouse and children to live with you in the UK and work or study during their stay.

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