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Canada Express Entry is a fast-track immigration system that offers skilled workers a streamlined pathway to success.

Canada Express Entry Consultants in Dubai

The Canada Express Entry Program operates on a points-based system to evaluate applicants. Introduced in 2015, Canada Express Entry system is an online platform managed by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) department. An increasing number of individuals, particularly from the UAE and Dubai, are exploring immigration opportunities in Canada. This system aims to identify those with the highest potential for success in Canada. With a maximum score of 1200 points, applicants are evaluated based on several factors:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Language skills
  • Canadian work experience
  • Other work experience
  • Skill transferability
  • Additional factors

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Advantages of the Express Entry System

One major advantage is that the Express Entry Program of immigration from Dubai has its transparency. The applicants get to know the required points in CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System), in relation to which they need to score to get an ITA for permanent residence. If candidates have less CRS score to secure an Invitation to Apply for Canada PR, then they can boost their CRS score by:

  • Improving language test scores
  • Gaining additional work experience
  • Considering study in Canada
  • Applying for Provincial Nominee

Fast Processing Time

The Express Entry immigration to Canada allows professionals to work and settle in Canada within 6-12 months. This points-based immigration program evaluates applicants on skills, experience, Canadian employment status, and provincial nomination. The higher the points, the greater the chances of receiving an ITA for Canada PR through Express Entry. Typically, PR applications submitted through this route are processed within 6-12 months.

Canada Express Entry Registration Details

The Express Entry program has facilitated immigration in the sense that now it is more transparent for professionals.
Express Entry Step by Step Process

  • This is an online program with no cap on applicants, and applications are open all the time during the year.
  • It affects the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and the Canadian Experience Class Immigration Program.
  • An Expression of Interest must be submitted, and then applied for under job types mentioned in Skill Types 0, A and B.
  • Profiles are scored and then ranked in the pool of applicants.
  • This is a pool that Canadian provinces and employers access in their external search for talent.
  • The highest points holders receive an Invitation to Apply for PR.
  • The number of ITAs issued is based on the Annual Immigration Level.

Eligibility Criteria of Canada Express Entry

Age: Applicants who are 18-35 years old obtain maximal points. Points begin to decrease with age.

Education: The minimum qualification should be at least qualification awarded in Canada by a recognized higher secondary educational body. More qualifications earn more points.

Work Experience: There should be a minimal requirement of one year of work experience, preferably. The higher the years of experience, the higher the points attained.

Language Skill: A minimum IELTS score equivalent to a CLB 7 is required in order to generate points. Additionally, the higher your score, the more points.

Adaptability: Points will be awarded if some of your family members or close relatives are already living in Canada and able to support you. The same is the case if your spouse or legal partner participates in immigration.

Arranged Employment: You can claim points here for having an offer of employment from a Canadian employer.

Express Entry Visa Canada Eligibility Points Calculator

A minimum of 67 points out of a total of 100 is required for the Express Entry visa program from Dubai. This is scored on a Comprehensive Ranking System. under skills and experience, Canadian employment status, and provincial nomination. There can be a minimum cutoff to every Express Entry Draw, and those with a CRS score equal to or higher than the cut-off are issued an ITA.

Canada Express Entry Score Calculator

  • 18-35 years: 12 points
  • 36 years: 11 points
  • 37 years: 10 points
  • 38 years: 9 points
  • 39 years: 8 points
  • 40 years: 7 points
  • 41 years: 6 points
  • 42 years: 5 points
  • 43 years: 4 points
  • 44 years: 3 points
  • 45 years: 2 points
  • 46 years: 1 point
  • 47 and older: 0 points
  • Doctoral (PhD) degree: 25 points
  • Master’s degree or professional degree: 23 points
  • Two or more post-secondary degrees (one must be three years or longer): 22 points
  • Post-secondary degree of three years or longer: 21 points
  • Two-year post-secondary degree: 19 points
  • One-year post-secondary degree: 15 points
  • Secondary diploma (high school graduation): 5 points

Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing

    • CLB 9 or higher: 6 points per ability
    • CLB 8: 5 points per ability
    • CLB 7: 4 points per ability
    • Below CLB 7: 0 points
  • CLB 5 or higher in all abilities: 4 points
  • Below CLB 5: 0 points
  • 1 year: 9 points
  • 2-3 years: 11 points
  • 4-5 years: 13 points
  • 6 or more years: 15 points
  • Valid job offer from a Canadian employer for at least one year: 10 points
  • Your spouse or partner’s language level: 5 points
  • Your past study in Canada: 5 points
  • Your spouse or partner’s past study in Canada: 5 points
  • Your past work in Canada: 10 points
  • Your spouse or partner’s past work in Canada: 5 points
  • Arranged employment in Canada: 5 points
  • Relatives in Canada: 5 points

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