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What is the Canada YCP Program?

Yukon Community Pilot Program is an immigration program planned by the Government of Canada to send skilled workers to the Yukon area. Long ago, this pilot program was introduced to bolster the regional economy. It offers permanent residency to other nationals who wish to reside and work in Yukon. Yukon Community Pilot Program is created to address the economic and labor market needs of the Yukon.  Under this program, the applicant will get 2 years of work permit and later apply for Canada permanent resident visa. This program was launched by the Government of Yukon in January 2020 and will be open for 3 years until June 2023.

Why the Canada YCP Program?

The Yukon Community Pilot is the best program for potential workers who want to look for new opportunities in one of Canada’s unique and most beautiful regions. Participants, with the strengthening local community and a flexible work permit, work to realize a prosperous future while adding value to the local economy.

Key Features of Canada YCP Program

Multiple Employers: The Canada YCP program allows more than one employer for a participant in specific Yukon residential communities.

Flexible Work Permit: The program offers a location-restricted open work permit valid for two consecutive years, which allows a person to have different jobs within the specified community.

Community Support: The candidates receive local community endorsement, assuring that there is support and integration into the community

Eligibility Criteria of Canada YCP Program

The Yukon Community Pilot Program has the following requirements for eligibility:

Offers of Employment: Candidates must obtain the offers of employment from up to three different employers in a participating Yukon community.
Position(s): The job offer under each position will be a minimum of 30 hours per week and it will be a non-seasonal job. Jobs are offered by a single or multiple employers in one or more Yukon communities.
Community Endorsement: Candidates must have a signed letter of support from the local community where the jobs are located.
Work experience and education: At minimum, work experience and education that meet the requirements of the job.

Communities Involved in YCP Program

Communities Involved in YCP Program;

  • Whitehorse
  • Watson Lake
  • Dawson City
  • Haines Junction
  • Carcross
  • Carmacks

Benefits of Yukon Community Pilot Program

Pathway to Permanent Residency: YCP is a fast-track to becoming a permanent resident in Canada.
Economic Opportunities: With YCP, a participant can access a dynamic job market where all types of job openings within the Yukon are catered.
High Quality of Life: Develop a special way of living and enjoy the natural attractions and high-energy culture in Yukon. Environment of Yukon Stating that the employers who offer the job wish you to work in the community.

Application Process of Canada YCP Program

Secure Job Offers: Get hold of job offers from a maximum of three employers who are spread out within the same community in Yukon and who are participating in this program.
Community Endorsement: Get a recommendation letter from the community.
Submit Application: Submit an application for an open work permit that is of 2 years duration using the IRCC portal.
Works and Integrates: Once approved, the candidate gets to work and integrate into YCP’s local community with the program’s support.

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