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Planning to visit Australia? Be it for tourism, meeting your loved ones, or business meetings, getting an Australia visit visa from Dubai is always the prerequisite. Aqua Immigration in Dubai is here to make things easy and hassle-free for you to get your application approved.

Australia Visit Visa from Dubai

Applying for an Australia visit visa from Dubai is quite easy when one has the correct guidance. Aqua Immigration is well known for providing expert services related to the securing of visit visas among Dubai residents right from the beginning to the end.

Australia Visit Visa Requirements from Dubai

In a view to ensuring a successful Australia visit visa application, applicants are supposed to meet the mandatory requirements. Such requirements may include:

  • A valid Passport 
  • Completed visa Application Form 
  • Original proof of sufficient funds
  • Evidence of your ties to Dubai, such as job or family commitments
  • Private health insurance
  • Travel plans

Australia Visit Visa Fee from Dubai

Knowing the exact Australia visit visa fee from Dubai is important in order to plan accordingly. This varies depending on many things, such as the type of visa and the duration one will intend to spend. Aqua Immigration elaborates on its various services, hence helping buyers budget better.

Australia Visit Visa Processing Time from Dubai

The time to process the processing time for an Australia Visitor Visa (subclass 600) is dependent on various aspects, including the quality of an application, particular flow of visas, and the number of applications. Based on the most recent information available, the typical processing time to apply for the Australia Visitor Visa from Dubai are as the following:

Tourist Stream (subclass 600)

  • 75 75% of applications are processed within 16 days
  • 90 percent of applications were processed within 27 days

Australia Visit Visa Dubai Agency

Choosing a reliable Australia visit visa Dubai agency is not easy. Leaving it up to expert hands like Aqua Immigration with years of experience at its back will provide individualised support in preparing the application correctly and completely so that maximum chances of its approval are available.

Visit Visa from Dubai to Australia

The process to apply for a visit visa from Dubai to Australia consists of the following steps:

  • Filling the form for the application of the visa
  • Submitting required documents
  • Paying the visa fee
  • Attend a visa interview if required
  • Wait for the visa decision

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